An Unoffical Defcon 26 Badge

NulliBadge 2.0

We had some good times at Defcon 26, here's to Nullibadge 3.0!
You can get the Defcon 25 nullibadge source on github here
Defcon 25 Nullibadge pictures:
The defcon 26 badge will use the same code base as the defcon 25 badge. If you wish to customize the code on the badge you will need a PicKit3. Amazon sells them for about $20
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Badge Details

Nullibadge 2.0 is a custom fabricated badge for Defcon 26 built by the Nullify hacking community in Omaha, NE. They utilize a PIC16LF18346 microcontroller and have many purpose built features. There are 16 Leds that can be customized to show various animations. A 4 Character Display, which when button activated runs a slot machine animation to display a beverage choice. (SHOT, BEER, VDKA, WSKY, WATR). Each badge will also feature an IR transmitter and recevier which can be used to interact with and shoot other badges. While tag mode is restricted to close distances by a tweak in the receiver, the particular IR transmitter used in this badge is VERY powerful and with some coding could shut off all TVs from long distances. The 4 Character display can scroll text and there is a menu to switch between different modes. A+B+Y=Menu A=Left B=Right X=Back Y=Enter

Cost $60 - Pre registration is OPEN. Cash only on site during Defcon 26